Monday, June 29, 2015

WE'RE ALL RACIST...but that doesn't get us off the hook

We're ALL racist, in that we have ALL been socially conditioned within a culture that has white supremacy all over it.

Some people, like the group at the McKinney pool starting the entire ruckus, are overt racists, people who say things like "black f'ers, go back to section 8 housing." Others always jump to defend whites and blame blacks every time the opportunity presents itself. Still others, such as myself, feel racist impulses coming up, but are aware that such poison long ago affected their souls, and try to adjust and maintain their consciously chosen anti-racist position on the fly.

All of us. You, me, Hillary Clinton, all of us. Even black people have this vile shit stuck in their heads influencing their thoughts and actions, like black cops pulling over black drivers for "driving while black," or five year old black girls in studies saying that pictures of white girls are prettier than pictures of black girls.

Better get used to that, everybody. I think society is only now starting to wake up to the fact that racism isn't simply a switch within an individual you can turn on and off.

This is a far more insidious and complicated problem than most of us have ever considered.