Sunday, July 12, 2015


(Directly from facebook last Friday:)

This is why abortion is just about the only women's issue I'll talk about on facebook. It seems far safer territory. But really, if I completely misinterpreted this person's intent, I wish she had simply explained that to me, instead of reinforcing my preexisting notion. Better to just keep my mouth shut. Even if I feel like I've been unjustly called a pig.

I kind of love this song. It's a conversation between a radical feminist and a fake feminist man who's saying that all men are pigs and pretending to be a feminist just to get into her pants, because he's DIFFERENT from the other guys. "All men are pigs--all men but me!" So familiar. Great tune, as well.


You like this.

Ronald Rule number one: never argue feminism with a hardcore feminist. You can argue with women who reject the feminist label, even though they mostly support feminist principles; you can argue with other men. But never argue about the topic with a hardcore feminist, even if you think you've got a point. Just agree with her. Everyone will be much better off.

On the other hand, when one starts saying that all people are like this or that, one runs into trouble. Having said that, this is a pretty good song.

Also, who the hell tries to get into a feminist's pants by insisting he's enlightened? What a douche.

FFF It happens a lot. I don't know what you think I am? But I consider myself a hardcore feminist, so I'm not sure what to think of your disparaging words.

Ronald I'll try not to argue with you about feminism, then.

Ronald And I don't mean to disparage, but that's my experience.

Adding: I don't know anything about you at all.

FFF I wasn't even arguing. Sigh. This is the problem--people say, "You can't argue with feminists!" and then when we understandably take umbrage at a sweeping generalization like that, as I would at ANY sweeping generalization of that kind, you say, "You see! I'm right!" UAGHAGJHSDGA. It's just annoying, because I'd prefer to have a REAL conversation, and not boil things down to generalizations like that. I'm an individual, not part of a collective hive mind of "All Feminists".

Ronald FFF, you just posted a song calling me a pig.

FFF *facedesk* did you even read my description of the song? You completely missed the point. The perspective is from a guy trying to get into a feminist's pants. Not a woman saying it. It seems like you didn't even listen to it.

Ronald The song is titled "All Men are Pigs." Is there something I'm missing?

Ronald "Having said that, this is a pretty good song."

FFF I don't know how you aren't getting this. The title refers to what the guy is saying in order to try and fuck the feminist girl, trying to say he's different from other guys, "not typical", and "better" in some vague way.

FFF It's not a sentiment I agree with, it's a satire song I find amusing.

Ronald "I don't know how you aren't getting this."

I feel like I'm being patronized now.

FFF I can't even. I'm seriously trying my best right now, but you are clearly not even trying. Goodbye, banning you from this post.
UPDATE: So when I re-posted the exchange on my own page, after blocking forever the dim-witted and evil FFF, I took a little shit from some self-identified feminist friends for my saying that I refuse to argue with hardcore feminists.  I explained that I consider myself to be a feminist, too, but that my experience, as a man, dictates that I should NEVER argue about feminism with radical feminists, rather than simply feminists, because it has so often ended up very badly, very quickly.

This latest incident simply galvanizes my thinking on this.  I mean, I didn't even really try to argue about feminism with a hardcore feminist.  I just figured if it's all about satire, well, then, this guy broke rule number one.  But it turns out it's not even satire!  This song, when you look a bit more closely at the lyrics, is CLEARLY asserting that all men are pigs.  It's not a douche character saying this; it's the fucking song.

So FFF not only was a big fucking asshole to me, but was also completely wrong in her assertion that it's some kind of parody or something.  I should have just told her to fuck off immediately.  At any rate, this shit really rattles me.  As one of my feminist friends pointed out, it's probably not so much the radicals, per se, as it is the assholes, people using rhetorical cover to mask their, what, hate?  I don't know.

But it's yet another lesson that there are simply some people I will never be able to reach.  And that's a drag.