Monday, July 20, 2015

'We Are In a Revolutionary Moment'

The fictional right-wing narrative:

Atheist, communist, hate-filled "liberals," a.k.a. "progressives," run the nation, ultimately seeking to disarm, imprison, even murder, God-fearing real Americans, and to destroy forever freedom and the American way, replacing our democratic republic with a dark conformist totalitarianism.

The reality, as articulated by Chris Hedges, courtesy of AlterNet, in the interview linked below:

If things unravel [in the U.S.], our backlash may very well be a right-wing backlash — a very frightening right-wing backlash. We who care about populist movements [on the left] are very weak, because in the name of anti-communism these movements have been destroyed; we are almost trying to rebuild them from scratch. We don’t even have the language to describe the class warfare that is being unleashed upon us by this tiny, rapacious, oligarchic elite. But we on the left are very disorganized, unfocused, and without resources.

More here.

That is, there's hardly a left at all in this country, and those who call themselves "liberal," at this point, are neck deep in the corporate dirty work they do almost every day. But there is a right wing in this country. They're wealthy, influential, powerful, and very, very angry.

Things are looking dark and grim as our nation continues its long, slow collapse.