Sunday, August 09, 2015

FBI arrests 3 for Jade Helm retaliation attack plan against U.S. military involving guns, explosives

From the Houston Chronicle:

While some Texans were planning to monitor American soldiers during Jade Helm exercises, three men in North Carolina were plotting to kill them.

The FBI used wire taps, visual surveillance and a secret informant to track the alleged terrorists as they stockpiled weapons and gathered components to make explosives.

According to court documents, apparent ringleader Walter Eugene Litteral owned 99 acres in South Carolina and "intended to booby-trap the camp and draw government forces into the camp and kill them."

More here.

Personally, I'm far more afraid of homegrown right-wing terrorists, because they're HERE already, than I am of radical jihadis or whatever they are. For that matter, I'm quite certain that right-wing terrorists want me dead at least as much as extremist Muslims do. They hate me because I'm a liberal. Bunch of evil dicks.