Wednesday, August 19, 2015


From Hullabaloo:

Lying to themselves at you

IVF patients make less-attractive targets because we don’t challenge the expectation that women want to be mothers. Abortion, on the other hand, thwarts conservative ideals about a woman’s proper role as a wife and mother. This may be why, counterintuitively, I have greater freedom to decide what to do with an embryo in a petri dish than a pregnancy in my own body.

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I've been pro-choice all my life.  Seriously.  From the moment when I was in elementary school back in the 70s that I first started to understand the issue, personal control over one's own body struck me as being both good common sense and just.  But I've also always felt that the pro-life stated position that abortion is murder, while ultimately wrong and irrelevant, is a strong one.  I mean, from their point of view, America is drowning in the blood of "dead babies."  So okay, they're wrong, but I should respect their position.

That's pretty much collapsed for me in the last few years.  I no longer respect the pro-life position.  Indeed, I now have nothing but contempt for it because it's total bullshit.  First was the realization that the rape and incest exception, which is a majority point of view among pro-lifers, means that most of these people are just fine with "killing" a "baby" if the sexual behavior of the pregnant woman meets their standards for sexual morality.  That means they don't give a shit at all about "life." Instead, they're absolutely furious that women might be having sex of which they don't approve, and want to punish them for it.  Control them, even.

So I just don't take pro-lifers seriously anymore, at least, not the rape and incest exception people, that is, most of them.  They're not really concerned with what they say concerns them.

But really, even the no exception minority is contemptible, too, as observed by the linked Hullabaloo essay: the pro-life movement doesn't give two shits about embryos destroyed at fertility clinics, you know, "babies" being "killed."  As a movement, they simply don't care, no rhetoric, no policy, no emphasis.  Obviously, the reason why is that IVF clinic embryos aren't created by sinful women having sinful sex.  Thus, from the perspective of the pro-life movement's true but unstated goals, which are to punish and control women, all these other "babies" are completely irrelevant.  "Killing" them is just fine.

So there you have it.  The pro-life movement is a total fraud, a complete sham.  It seeks to manipulate and subvert natural human compassion for the defenseless in order to punish and control women.  But there isn't really any compassion here.  Lots and lots and lots of "babies" are "killed" all the time, but because those "babies" don't fit their agenda, out to the dumpster they go, to rot and smell inside their biohazard bags in the sun.  That's the pro-life movement.  They just don't care about the "life" they say they care about.

I mean you, the individual, might care.  But not your movement, which has lied to you.  All your movement cares about is keeping women under the boot.  Whether you think so or not, your support for them is about nothing but oppressing women.  You've been duped.