Thursday, September 03, 2015


Look, if you want to join me in advocating for an end to the desperate, poverty stricken circumstances that cause high crime rates in poor black neighborhoods, then that's great. You should join me in that. But that's not what you're really doing.

Instead, you're presenting this as an either/or situation: we can either agitate against cops killing unarmed black men, OR we can go after the "real problem," the right wing's favored whipping boy, "black on black crime." We can, of course, and should, do something about both.

But really, you don't give a damn about "black on black crime." You're only bringing it up in a wrong-headed attempt to diffuse the justified and righteous anger about police killing black men. I am disgusted by your cynical, racist, and insulting-to-my-intelligence rhetorical ploy.

I'm not an idiot. Please do not treat me as one.