Thursday, November 19, 2015


A buddy of mine posted the image below, which refers to Republican Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal dropping out of the the GOP primary race.

Immediately, he was hassled by a friend of his, a white guy, busting his chops for perceived racism.  My friend observed that the tweet was made by a comedian who is an Indian American.  My friend's friend countered with some sarcastic remark about how my friend was being racist anyway by highlighting Indian on Indian racism.

Enough is enough I thought.  Here's what I posted:
I just heard an NPR story today asserting that Jindal is widely perceived by fellow Indian Americans as downplaying his ethnicity in a negative way.

I don't feel personally entitled to call, say, Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom," but if Chris Rock says it, in his typically intelligent and poignantly critical style, then, hell yeah, I'm going to share the tweet. It's a fair criticism to make, albeit one heavily charged with race, sidelining to an extent white men like me.

But I'm not going to just pretend it didn't happen out of some blind and misguided devotion to the notion of being politically correct.
Playing the PC game can be frustrating and difficult, but not impossible.  Especially when your tormentor is coming off like South Park's PC Principal.