Sunday, November 08, 2015

Ben Carson and the Tale of Redemption

From Mother Jones:

Here's the thing: the beating heart of Carson's personal story is about his redemption by God. So he says he had a violent temper as a kid, and then became a new man after praying in a bathroom one day. In fact, God turned him around so thoroughly that West Point offered him a full scholarship. He went to Yale instead, where the Lord took care of his finances when he was in desperate straits. And as a bonus, it was because of his Christian inability to tell a lie.

Are these embellishments unnecessary? Sure. But Carson knows his audience. Serious evangelicals really, really want to hear a story about sin and redemption. That requires two things. First, Carson needs to have been a bad kid. Second, redemption needs to have truly turned his life around. He was already a student smart enough to get into Yale, so he needs more.

More here.

Wow. It's really turning out that Carson just lies all the time. Of course, I don't expect this to get in the way of his primary run: Republicans only care about lying if the person doing it isn't a Republican. Free pass on everything.