Monday, November 30, 2015

The Texan Assault on Christianity: Where’s The Persecution Crowd Now?

From Patheos:

As you know, Texas is one of the states who have barred Syrian refugees from settling within its borders. Regardless of how one feels about this, the people of Jesus have a different responsibility: we have the responsibility to help the sojourner among us. We welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, and give food to the hungry– that’s an essential, core identity to being Christian. In fact, Jesus said it was a heaven or hell issue if you want to use some conservative lingo to make the point.

And here’s how the Texas decision has now turned into a real-deal case of anti-Christian persecution: instead of saying the state of Texas won’t accept refugees but allowing citizens of Texas to freely practice their religion in spite of the government decision, Governor Greg Abbott has ordered Christian ministries to immediately cease and desist giving aid to refugees.

More here.

As the conservatives like to say so often, "where's the outrage"? This really is anti-Christian persecution, no bullshit, no squirmy "logic," no misdirection. The governor has ordered Christian charities to stop aiding Syrian refugees. And to hell with their stupid "beliefs." I'm not offended as a liberal; I'm offended as an American.

I invite my conservative Christian friends to join me in condemning this unconstitutional atrocity. It's for real this time, everybody. And it needs to end immediately.