Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Pro Israel" Christian Leader Blames Jews For The Holocaust

From Talk to Action courtesy of Eschaton:

In "Jerusalem Countdown: A Prelude To war" Hagee has stated that Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves by rebelling against God and that the Holocaust was God's way of forcing Jews to move to Israel where, Hagee predicts according to his interpretation of Biblical scripture, they will be mostly killed in the apocalyptic Mideast conflict Hagee's new lobbying group seems to be working to provoke and which John Hagee believes to be a necessary precondition for the "Rapture" that will lift Christians, but not Jews, bodily into Heaven to enjoy physical immortality amidst paradise.

Over the past year, frequent and generally favorable media coverage of a new US national political lobbying group, "Christians United For Israel", and its outspoken founder Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee has helped cement Hagee's brand recognition as a steadfast friend to Israel and has cast a favorable light on his new CUFI lobbying group that is designed to flex the political muscles of tens of millions of American evangelicals, ostensibly on Israel's behalf.

Click here for more fundamentalist menacing lunacy.

I've watched Hagee on TV numerous times, if only because I like his mastery of the old-school Southern Baptist style of preaching, and lemme tell you, he's definitely at the forefront of fundamentalist thinking on the issue of Jews and Christians. Many years ago it occurred to me that the ostensibly pro-Zionist evangelical point of view had potential for turning anti-Semetic. That is, Southern Baptists make a major theme of the Old Testament cycle of Jews being out of and then back into God's favor due to their piety or lack thereof, so why not apply that line of reasoning to modern times? Well, it's finally happened, and it's pretty scary if you ask me. I mean, of course, these religious nuts are all "Jews are God's children" and all, but when you separate the sheep from the goats, Jews are really Satan's children like all the rest of us non-believers out here.

Actually, I guess it's unfair to see Hagee's words as being anti-Semetic in a Nazi or KKK kind of way: fundamentalists are equal-opportunity haters; we're all going to Hell unless we do exactly what they say. That Hagee gives Jews special consideration is only because of his obsession with the violent and irrational Old Testament.

Don't get me wrong though. Saying that Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves is definitely anti-Semetic, and Hagee is a big fat fucktard.