Sunday, March 18, 2007

Means "Who Polices the Police?"

From the Houston Chronicle:

North Forest police officer indicted

A grand jury indicted a North Forest school district police officer on Friday on a charge accusing him of exposing his genitals to a woman during his lunch break.

The indictment comes amid other troubles in the school system's police department, including an investigation of a police captain and a suspension of another officer who has admitted to looking at pictures of naked women on a computer at his previous workplace.

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When I was teaching high school, we had district security guards, rather than police, but these guys are the real deal, and the school district cop phenomenon is growing. I mean, they're not as impressive as other cops, I guess, but they're certainly badge and gun holders, which makes them dangerous when they break the law themselves. Fortunately, this latest act of cop abuse doesn't seem particularly menacing, but then, I wonder how I would react if an armed state security agent started playing with himself in front of me. Maybe this is particularly menacing. At any rate, he's busted, and that's a good thing.