Monday, March 19, 2007


I just pulled these off of Facebook and I thought I'd post them here. After all, Merchant is one of the reasons that I've been resorting to so many reruns lately. Anyway, here you go:

Yes, Shylock does Tai Chi, in this version anyway. I was going through the first section of the form while negotiating Antonio's bond with Bassanio.

Here I am complaining to my daughter, Jessica, and my former servant, Launcelot, about how much I hate going to eat with Antonio and Bassanio.

Now I'm complaining to the same people as above about how much I hate Carnival.

This is something of a collage moment: I'm performing a Jewish Sabbath ritual without my daughter for the first time in years while mourning her running off with a Christian and taking lots of my money.

More Sabbath ritual.

Back to the Tai Chi scene.

Still more Sabbath ritual.

No, Shylock's not jonesing for heroin: he's saying "if you prick us do we not bleed?"

But maybe a little horse wouldn't be so bad...

The money shot: Shylock going for his "pound of flesh"

Thanks to Michael Beagle and Lindsay Lanson for the pics.