Monday, March 19, 2007

Support for Gonzales appears to collapse

From McClatchy courtesy of AlterNet:

The White House began floating the names of possible replacements for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Monday as the Justice Department released more internal documents related to the firings of eight U.S. attorneys last year.

One prominent Republican, who earlier had predicted that Gonzales would survive the controversy, said he expected both Gonzales and Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty to resign soon. Another well-connected Republican said that White House officials have launched an aggressive search for Gonzales' replacement, though Bush hadn't decided whether to ask for his resignation.

Support for Gonzales appeared to be collapsing under the weight of questions about his truthfulness and his management ability. White House spokesman Tony Snow offered a tepid defense when asked if Gonzales would stay on the job until the end of President Bush's term.

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I just have no sense of timing for these things. When I first posted on this a few days back I predicted that Gonzales wouldn't last the summer: now it looks like he won't last the week, which is a very good thing because, you know, he's a big fucking sleaze bag, for many more reasons than this scandal and his lying to Congress about it. Anyway, his days are definitely numbered. All that's left is to worry about what other sleaze bag Bush will find to replace him. The article says that Homeland Security Czar Chertoff is on the short list. He, like Gonzales, is a total Bush loyalist. Remember how well he handled Katrina? Like I said, time to worry again.

Hopefully, if it comes to a Chertoff nomination, Congress will grill the hell out of him on New Orleans. That might be fun.