Sunday, March 25, 2007

Moral Panic Comes 'Unhooked'

From AlterNet:

Her definitive conclusion is that casual college hookups have created a generation of women who don't care about love. She ends on an ominous tone, citing one study by the Pew Center for Internet Life, that shows the majority of young single women (ages 18-29) aren't looking for a partner. And she weakly refers to the proliferation of internet dating sites as additional proof that 20-somethings are having trouble dating. I'd argue that the rising popularity of sites like says just the opposite: that women (and men) in their mid-20s are actively looking for more serious relationships. If they wanted to keep casually hooking up, they would be out at a bar. Not to mention that young people today are simply very, very comfortable with using the internet to do just about anything, including dating.

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So this new book by a Washington Post writer, Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose at Both, is out now and it strikes me as a chilling secular counterpoint to the fundamentalist anti-sex movement. Okay, so I haven't read it, and certainly don't plan to do so, but judging by the reviews it appears to be simply the latest whine-fest about young people having more sex than old people. That's not at all new, but it troubles me because it's being dropped right into the overall context of this long-term religious war on sex. It freely hands over to the loony fundamentalists, who oppose abortion, birth control, sex education, and women's rights, some reasonable-sounding, but thoroughly full-of-shit, arguments to suppport their psychotic cause.

I guess what really troubles me is that saying there is some kind of weird psychological danger in college sex is fucking stupid. Strangely, the mass media appear to be taking it seriously. I mean, the AlterNet essay refutes it and all, but, really, such a thought shouldn't even be dignified with a response. Well, okay, scratch that: the only dignified response here is something along the lines of "that's fucking stupid." In other words, serious news organizations ought to just ignore it.

I continue to be amazed by how fucking stupid all these "smart people" appear to be.