Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fort Bend principal resigns in Bachelor backlash

From the Houston Chronicle:

The principal disciplined after one of her teachers appeared on the television show The Bachelor has resigned her position.

Tammie Carpenter sent a letter of resignation to Fort Bend Independent School District officials saying she was stepping down effective June 29.

Carpenter, the principal of Colony Bend Elementary, was disciplined by the district after she allowed teacher Amber Alchalabi to miss 22 class days earlier this year to tape episodes of The Bachelor.

Previous plans called for Carpenter to be reassigned to another campus and demoted.


The flap around Alchalabi's appearance on the show started two weeks ago. Lesley White and Raquel Flores, both parents who have children in Alchalabi's class, were upset that the teacher was gone for such an extended period.

White also said the nature of the show was not appropriate for a teacher and took issue with the show's producers taping at the school.

"It does not promote family values, moral values or appreciation of the normal 'dating' process. To exploit the children during the filming of this show is unacceptable," White said in a letter to district officials.

Flores also was concerned, saying class routine was interrupted while children were preparing to take the TAKS tests.

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So what this means is that teachers are not supposed to have personal lives. That is, even on their own time, they are expected to adhere to the arbitrary and authoritarian standards of the workplace. Even indirectly aiding such a challenge to the indoctrinational system known as education can result in dismissal, even though in this case they're calling it a "resignation." It's like I said last week: teachers must necessarily be the most indoctrinated individuals participating in the educational system, serving as examples of both authority and obedience, and even slight challenges are dealt with harshly.

As usual, this extreme example proves the rule: public education's mission is to indoctrinate children into the culture of obedience and authority.