Saturday, May 05, 2007


Things I liked:

1. The appearance of NYPD Capt. Stacy, a favorite character from the 60s.
2. Casting favorite character actor James Cromwell to play Capt. Stacy.
3. The appearance of the Sandman, another 60s favorite.
4. Casting favorite character actor and Texan Thomas Hayden Church to play the Sandman.
5. The appearance of Venom.
6. Casting the goofy That 70s Show actor, and Bizarro Tobey Maguire, Topher Grace to play Venom.
7. The appearance of Peter Parker's 60s pre-MJ girlfriend, Gwen Stacy.
8. Harry Osborne.
9. Mary Jane Watson.
10. Bruce Campbell's silly French maitre d'.
11. Doctor Conners.
12. The black symbiote suit.
13. Peter Parker's self-doubt and crying.
14. The obligatory cameo appearance by Stan Lee.
15. Theresa Russell's brief scene as the Sandman's wife.
16. Jolly Jonah Jameson.
17. Betty Brant.
18. Robbie Robertson.

Things I didn't like:

1. Trying to tell five or six different stories, incompletely, in one movie.

Unfortunately, that one item on the latter list goes a long way towards canceling out everything on the former list. Not even all the explosions and flying debris could do anything to help.

There's a pretty darned good reason I don't watch too many movies these days.