Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lawyer: Cheney Visitor Logs Not Recorded

From the AP via the Huffington Post courtesy of AlterNet:

A lawyer for Vice President Dick Cheney told the Secret Service in September to eliminate data on who visited Cheney at his official residence, a newly disclosed letter states. The Sept. 13, 2006, letter from Cheney's lawyer says logs for Cheney's residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory are subject to the Presidential Records Act.

Such a designation prevents the public from learning who visited the vice president.

The Justice Department filed the letter Friday in a lawsuit by a private group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, seeking the identities of conservative religious leaders who visited Cheney at his official residence.

The newly disclosed letter about visitors to Cheney's residence is accompanied by an 18-page Secret Service document revealing the agency's long-standing practice has been to destroy printed daily access lists of visitors to the residence.

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"Long-standing practice"? Exactly how "long-standing"? Does that mean for as long as Bush has been in office, or does it go back to, what, Truman or something? No matter. When coupled with the thousands of deleted White House emails, recently discovered by the Congressional investigation of the Justice Department prosecutor firings, it becomes pretty damned clear that the White House isn't slightly in violation of the Presidential Records Act; they're in full-blown defiance of it.

I wonder if the massive scale of this rises to the level of "high crime" needed for an impeachment. I bet these fuckers could rape little boys on prime time television and the Democrats would still think it politically unwise to throw them out of office.

I'm disgusted. What about you?