Tuesday, May 29, 2007


From the New York Post courtesy of the Huffington Post:

SIPPING beer from a bottle, a glum Rosie O'Donnell spoke publicly for the first time over the weekend about her angry explosion last week and leaving "The View."

In a rambling video posted on her well-trafficked Web site, the beleaguered comedian complained that:

* She was made to feel like a "foster child" during her stormy, nine-month stint on the show.

* The split-screen image of her hammering at co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the final straw for her.

* And Hasselbeck had phoned her after the fight but O'Donnell wouldn't speak to her "and I probably won't" ever again.

The video, which runs about 13 minutes, is full of bruised feelings and blunt talk about her spectacular blow up (Rosie calls it "nuclear Wednesday" on the tape) that precipitated the second unscheduled departure from "The View" in less than a year.

More here.

I hate Rosie O'Donnell.

Actually, to be fair, I hate her television persona--she could be a totally wonderful person in the flesh for all I know, but all I have to understand what she's about is what I see on TV, and I absolutely loathe what I see. She's not even fun to hate, unlike her right-wing Irish-American counterpart Bill O'Reilly. No, Rosie just sucks. I particularly hate her because she does to liberalism what Madelyn Murray O'Hair did to atheism. That is, she takes a perfectly reasonable philosophical point of view and makes it look awful because she's a big fucking bitch.

(BTW, what the hell is it with all these loudmouthed O'Irish personalities? Maybe I should bash an asshole WASP while I'm at it just to show I'm not trying to provoke the Irish-American community: those guys fight with leprechauns for Christ's sake!)

Again, to be fair, I certainly spew some bile and venom here at Real Art myself, but I always try to lighten things up in the overall context, or from post to post. I mean, I told an economist to go fuck herself in my video blog post from yesterday, but I was smiling within seconds of my attack. Why the hell can't Rosie do the same thing? Isn't she supposed to be funny? For some reason, I can't recall a single time she's made me laugh.

Really, she's the worst possible spokesman for left-wing politics I can possibly think of; it's no wonder the conservatives love her.