Monday, May 14, 2007

Suit: Sub showed 'Brokeback' in class

From the AP via the Houston Chronicle:

The lawsuit claims that Jessica Turner, 12, suffered psychological distress after viewing the movie in her eighth-grade class at Ashburn Community Elementary School last year.

The film, which won three Oscars, depicts two cowboys who conceal their homosexual affair.

Turner and her grandparents, Kenneth and LaVerne Richardson, are seeking around $500,000 in damages.

"It is very important to me that my children not be exposed to this," said Kenneth Richardson, Turner's guardian. "The teacher knew she was not supposed to do this."

More here.

Okay, so I haven't actually seen the movie, but if I understand correctly, it's not supposed to be gay porn or anything along those lines. Never mind, for a moment, whether the sub broke the rules, which I'm sure he did; instead, ask yourself why it's so god-awful bad for eighth graders to see a romance film about gay cowboys. Why is it "very important" that Richardson's "children not be exposed to this"? Is he afraid that his kids will turn gay? Well, that's obviously not going to happen, but even if it did, so what? I'd also like to know the exact nature of this girl's "psychological distress." Is she anxiety-ridden? Depressed? What is it about gay cowboys that's got these people so freaked out?

Obviously, there's a deep strain of homophobia running smack dab down the middle of this suit. That, and the Richardsons probably could really use the 500 grand.