Tuesday, August 04, 2009


From the New York Times editorial board:

After the F-22

Even with the threat of other presidential vetoes, there is still plenty of support — among lawmakers, lobbyists and defense contractors — for other weapons and other spending the Pentagon says it can do without. The parochial pushback is being led by members of Mr. Obama’s own party.

Just look at the House bill, approved 400 to 30. It seeks to finance billions of dollars (by some estimates more than $6 billion) in weapons that the Pentagon did not request and/or the administration rightly wants to kill or cut back. These include more than $400 million for the new presidential helicopter, $560 million for an alternate engine for another new fighter plane (the F-35), $674 million for three extra C-17 transport planes and an additional $603 million for the F-18 fighter jet program.

The House also reaffirmed its undying addiction to projects lawmakers insert in legislation to curry favor in their districts. Led by Representative John Murtha, head of the defense appropriations subcommittee, the House beat back efforts by two Republicans, Jeff Flake and John Campbell, to cut up to $2.7 billion in such earmarks. You would think Mr. Murtha might scale back, given the ongoing investigation into a lobbying firm with ties to him and other congressmen over insider contracts.

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This really does speak for itself, but I'll go ahead and spell it out for you, if only to vent my rage.

The federal budget, as most everybody knows, is deeply in the red, and has been for many years. Much of that can be blamed on the spend-happy Republicans under Bush, but certainly not all of it. Indeed, I support much of the wild deficit spending of the Obama era: the bank bailouts, as fucked up as they are, have undoubtedly saved the banking and finance sector from total collapse, sparing us from great economic turmoil, likewise with the stimulus spending, which has kept this Great Recession from becoming another Great Depression.

But in the long term, federal deficits, which cause economic stagnation by squeezing the money supply, are a very real problem. We desperately need to find ways to minimize the budget damage, and the Pentagon budget is a great place to start. Especially when the Pentagon wants to cut back.

But no. Fucking Democrats want pork in their districts. They don't give a shit about the nation. All they care about is getting reelected. "Jobs" they say, defending their absurd position, "and national defense." They simply change the subject when told that these jobs are about building things nobody wants, or lie, to themselves and everybody else, insisting that the Pentagon is wrong, that we really do need these weapons systems. Whatever. In the end, it's about bringing home the bacon, which translates into votes, and everything else be damned: the Democrats are the most reckless and selfish motherfuckers in America.

And people have the audacity to fuck with me about voting for Nader.