Thursday, August 06, 2009

Means "Who Polices the Police?"

From AlterNet:

Pregnant Mother Tasered at Baptism Party

Responding to a noise complaint in Prince William County, police sought to quell the assembled crowd — who they said were making too much of a racket — by firing a Taser at the child’s grandfather and at the pregnant mother of the baptized child.

The officers said they placed a call to the homeowner, who they said was intoxicated and refused to reduce the volume.

The homeowner, 55, is a church family counselor and bible study teacher. His son, Edgar Rodriguez, claims he was Tasered three times after producing his ID for police. The elder Rodriguez was arrested for public intoxication in his own backyard.

More here, with video.

According to the home video accompanying the report, the "crowd" wasn't much of a crowd, just a few people in the backyard. And the music wasn't particularly loud. And the "intoxicated" grandfather didn't appear to be particularly drunk. Really, my best guess is that language, rather than alcohol, played more of a role in the conflict between the cops and Rodriguez. When interviewed for the local news, he had his son interpreting for him, all of which makes me wonder if race had something to do with what amounts to an old school police riot.

Last time it was lesbian Democrats in a Republican county out West; this time it's Hispanic Catholics in the Protestant white South. Either way, it's cops invading relatively tame backyard parties and fucking shit up. And this kind of cop bullshit happens all the time. Why isn't that the story?