Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here, have
another Twilight Zone episode. From Wikipedia:

To Serve Man

"To Serve Man" is an episode of the television series The Twilight Zone.

The story is based on a short story, "To Serve Man" written by Damon Knight. The title is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The episode is one of the few instances in the series wherein the actor breaks the fourth wall and addresses the viewing audience at the episode's end.


Watch it

I used dollar signs in the excerpt above to blank out some plot spoilage, which Wikipedia is usually pretty good at avoiding in opening paragraphs: given the formulaic nature of most TW episodes, taking the audience in one direction until the last couple of minutes, then dashing viewer expectations on jagged rocks of WTF, it is extraordinarily important to not know how it ends. Anyway, I love this one, a really nice twist on the notion of benign super-advanced alien visitation. Indeed, if we ever are really visited by aliens, it's probably going to be some variation on what happens in "To Serve Man."

If you can get into the plot, the ending blows your mind.

So Happy Halloween to you. Enjoy.

Twilight Zone's use of super-advanced butthead aliens

beats Star Trek to the punch by five or six years.