Sunday, June 15, 2014


From a local shitty theater "criticism" blog:

There was a play that was played on the stage tonight and there was a play that wasn’t there. There were five beautiful women players playing and there was a Play called “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress”. The players were wearing similar dresses, but I’m not certain that they were the same dress. There was a woman playing ‘simple’ but not in an Amish way. I must wonder if we saw Agit-prop theater which was making a statement about Christianity and Christians by directing this actor to be simple and Christian. There was a woman in the play that wasn’t there who makes the audience and other players be shocked that she is as old as she is but still is a virgin. I can’t imagine that the woman player played simple because that’s how SHE wanted to play a virgin who might not surprise her friends or the audience announcing that she was a virgin because many times simple people’s virginity is protected by the unsimple.

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And it just goes on like that.  On and on and on.

The Houston Critic, a blogger who has apparently appointed himself a local theater reviewer and self-publishes to the blogosphere, writes what is very likely the most offensive, annoying, incoherent, straight-up garbage I've ever read.

No, seriously. Check him out. This guy has no business writing about ANYTHING, let alone theater, about which he seemingly has no knowledge. What the hell is wrong with theater criticism in this town? And why do people without any qualification at all think they ought to get comp tickets in order to write their crappy trash? And why do local theater companies enable such moron-madmen to make us all look like fools?  My fourteen year old theater arts one students turned in better essays back in the day.

Screw this guy.