Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunday Shows Turn To Discredited Iraq War Architects For Iraq Analysis

From Media Matters courtesy of Eschaton:

NBC and ABC's Sunday news shows turned to discredited architects of the Iraq War to opine on the appropriate U.S. response to growing violence in Iraq, without acknowledging their history of deceit and faulty predictions.

This week a Sunni Iraqi militant group (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS) seized control of several Iraqi cities and is focusing their sights on taking control of Baghdad and the rest of the country. The United States is still debating a response to the escalating violence, and has reportedly moved an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf.

More here.

God.  I don't even know where to start with how lame this is.  

If anything, this is a reminder of how amazingly stupid television journalists are, as a class of people.  And this isn't even a Fox thing.  We're talking mainstream "liberal" media stuff, NBC and ABC in the linked article, but the same shit goes on throughout all the corporate media.  That is, the news media stick to their constructed narratives, regardless of whether it reflects changing events in the real world or not.  So, from the media perspective, guys like Wolfowitz, Kristol, Cheney, etc., the brilliant foreign policy "experts" during the Bush era, continue to be "experts" in spite of the fact that, not only were they COMPLETELY wrong about going to war with Iraq, but also that their own pathetic brand of "expertise" got a lot of innocent people, including thousands of US service personnel, killed, and drained our wealth to the tune of trillions.

These "experts" weren't simply wrong.  They were SPECTACULARLY wrong, and fucked us up something bad.  That is, they're no experts.  They're losers, and the guy who mows your lawn or empties your trash cans very likely has something more intelligent to say about Iraq than these malevolent idiots ever did.  But the media just goes on and on, partying like it's 2003.  I'm not sure who disgusts me more, American corporate journalists, or the snake oil salesmen who hoodwinked us into a war that has done nothing but diminish us as a nation.

But that's just the media, who are stupid.  What must be going on inside the heads of the people in power who sucked us into Iraq?  What must Condi Rice be thinking these days?  Or George Tenet, who knew he was lying?  GW Bush doesn't talk so much these days himself, which is just as well, because what could he possibly say?  Cheney talks, and we see how he's psychologically coping: obviously, the man is in deep, deep denial about his crimes against humanity and our nation.  I guess that's one way to be able to look at yourself in the mirror.  But must he talk out loud, where we can hear his foul bullshit?  Can he, in his wildest dreams, ever possibly imagine that anybody, short of the continually brain-damaged news media, would take him seriously?  Does Rumsfeld think we should respect him?

How do war criminals sleep at night?

There is one key figure out of all those events who I have forgiven, and for whom I have respect: former Secretary of State Colin Powell.  I forgive and respect him because he came clean.  He admitted to his wrongdoing, and offered a compelling explanation for why he failed so badly.  Out of that entire cadre of Bush people, Powell is the ONLY one of them who is honest, both with himself, and with the nation.  Needless to say, honesty is something an expert desperately needs, and that's why I still listen to what the man has to say.  But he's the only one. 

All these people need to be flipping burgers or digging ditches.  Or serving twenty to life in prison.  I mean, not Powell, of course.  But all the rest of them, definitely.  We should not be hearing and seeing them on television.  They should all be persona non grata.  Because they're among the worst Americans ever.