Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ferguson Cops Busted? New Video Seems To Show Brown Paying For Cigarillos

From Crooks and Liars:

Ferguson police's attempts to demonize Michael Brown, the unarmed African-American teen killed by Officer Darren Wilson, may have hit a small snag. The very video they released at the same time as they identified Wilson as the officer responsible for shooting Brown six times, including twice in the head, may show the opposite of what they intended.

More here, with video.

Not that this ultimately matters, because, you know, the police shouldn't perform summary executions of suspects in the street, but it appears Michael Brown did NOT, in fact, steal anything at all. Indeed, the tip off to law enforcement about the "robbery" didn't come from anyone working in the store; it was from some confused bystander.

What this means is that the Ferguson PD is DEFINITELY trying to get the public to think that killing Brown is okay because he was just your typical "black thug." A lot of people have fallen for it. And what that means is that we have a lot of stupid, ill informed, and possibly racist citizens in this country, who are all, like, oh, he stole cigars, so it's okay to shoot him in the street.

They did the same thing with Trayvon Martin, let loose the cry "BLACK THUG!!!!" I am thoroughly disgusted. As if killing Brown wasn't enough. They've got to turn him into a racist caricature worthy of death.


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