Monday, August 25, 2014

Lindsey Graham: If Obama Doesn't Go On Offense, Terrorists Are 'Coming Here'

From the Huffington Post:

"[Obama is] trying to avoid a bad news story on his watch," Graham said on Sunday. "This is not a replacement for a strategy to deal with an existential threat to the homeland. To every member of Congress, we've been told by every major intelligence leader in our nation that we're threatened. The homeland is threatened by the presence of ISIL in Iraq and Syria. To change that threat, we have to have a sustained air campaign in Syria and Iraq. We need to go on offense."

More here.

For anybody who hasn't realized that the Republicans jumped the shark on foreign policy a decade or so ago, here's their latest piece of 70s sitcom absurdity. These days, Republicans jump the shark several times a week.

The deal to me is that ISIS is CLEARLY a regional threat, with virtually no ability to project their force abroad, and I mean with suicide bombers and whatnot. Also, they seem to have their hands pretty full in Iraq at the moment. To even entertain the notion that they are a direct threat to the continental US is to engage in high absurdity. This is not a serious statement Graham is making.