Wednesday, September 17, 2014


From Esquire courtesy of Eschaton:

Is it important to care what Chuck Norris thinks about world history?

Oh, hell no. It's just fun.

Obama isn't the first to have a foreign policy of blissful appeasement and too-little-too-late interception. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did it with the Nazis. President Gerald Ford did it with communists. President Jimmy Carter did it with the ayatollahs.
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You know, someone needs to say this so it might as well be me. Chuck Norris is a freaking moron.  I mean, he's no Ted Nugent, but just because Norris isn't all the way at the far-out-in-space end of the psycho right-wing like the Nuge doesn't make the faux Texas Ranger any less moronic.  Also, he's a bad actor.  A pretty good martial arts guy, sure.  But stupid as all get out when it comes to politics.  I'm kind of sick of him being identified with my state.  On the other hand, there's also Ted Cruz, so Chuck Norris isn't a HUGE problem.  Just a problem.