Thursday, September 18, 2014

How the Bush Administration Covered Up the Saudi Connection to 9/11

From CounterPunch via AlterNet:

In his  New Yorker article, posted on the magazine’s web site last week, Lawrence Wright tells how the Bush administration deleted 28 pages in the 2002 report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry on 911 probably because they describe in detail the Saudi connection to the Al Qaeda attack and Saudi financing of its operatives in the United States—people who knew two of the hijackers, and may well have been used as conduits for Saudi cash. Some of the money may have come from the royal family through a charity.

In removing the 28 pages Bush said the publication of the information would damage American intelligence operations. The Saudis deny all this.

In fact no one would be talking about it now were it not for families of victims of the attack and insurers, who are suing the Saudis.

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Hey, 9/11 Truthers!

So, of course, I still think you're crazy, but I've always, at least, agreed that there continue to be many unanswered questions about the attacks. It seems that some of those questions may soon be answered. This is g
oing to be fun, I think. But I'm pretty sure it's not going to be some inside job or Israeli false flag operation. Just some really embarrassing stuff for former Bush administration officials. And the Saudis.