Wednesday, December 17, 2014

College QB Forced To Sue T-Shirt Company To Retain Eligibility

From Deadspin:

Just when you think the NCAA bylaws couldn't possibly become more ridiculously hypocritical, a story like this comes along.

Mississippi State quarterback Dakota "Dak" Prescott is suing a T-shirt company for using and profiting from his name without permission. Whether Prescott actually gives a shit about some guys making a few bucks off some T-shirts is unclear, because no matter how he feels about it, he has to sue the T-shirt company if he wants to retain his eligibility. 

More here.

I'm all for keeping college football as pure as possible. (Okay, stop snickering out there; I know it's all BIG MONEY.) But this seems a little unreasonable. Shouldn't the NCAA provide legal fees for this requirement, given how college football players don't get salaries? Or, at least, provide a lawyer pro bono or something?

Knowing the NCAA, I imagine free legal representation constitutes under-the-table pay, anyway. So screw you, Prescott.