Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Cross-posted this from last week on facebook, and actually had a conservative or two show up to support torture.  Here's what I told an old friend from high school:

Anybody who supports torture has given up on being civilized. This cannot be understated. If you support torture, you cannot possibly be a Christian. If you support torture, you are not a good person. If you support torture, you are a barbarian scum bag.

This is evil we're talking about, plain and simple. Eric, you're my old friend, and otherwise a good guy. But not on this. Supporting torture is an act of evil, and I would be a bad person not to call you out on it. In fact, I am morally compelled to raise objections when people support evil. I hope you're not offended. But you've got me choosing between being a moral person and being polite. I have to choose morality.

Dude, you're evil to talk this way, evil to support torture. There is no gray area here. Torture is horrific. It's definitely a hardcore sin. You sully our nation and yourself to advocate it.
'Nuff said.