Wednesday, February 04, 2015

All That Jazz: People Who Listen To Jazz Are Smarter And More Creative

From Elite Daily:

Yet, with jazz music, there’s something about the lack of words (even though Miles Davis’ trumpet, Harmon mute and all, does all the speaking necessary), which has always enabled me to focus better on my studies – despite the “background noise.”

As it appears, science supports my impression of the improv-based music form. According to Dr. William Klemm, of Psychology Today, there are a multitude of different cognitive benefits that enrich your mind while listening to jazz music.

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This probably explains how, over the years, I feel like I've gotten smarter than I used to be. Okay, there's all the Chomsky, economics, and mass media criticism reading I've done since college, too. But it's hard to disagree with this guy's conclusion that listening to jazz sort of trains the brain for creativity and intelligence. Maybe the jazz made me more open to dissenting and alternative ideas, more able to follow lines of thinking that are unconventional. I don't know. But I do know that listening to jazz is a wildly different experience for me compared to listening to other kinds of music.

So here, have some jazz: