Tuesday, May 26, 2015

At least 2 dead as heavy rains flood freeways, close schools

From the Houston Chronicle:

As the flood waters recded Tuesday, HFD and HPD teams searched waterways to make sure other people are not in danger. The crews also searched abandoned vehicles to determine if anyone is inside them. 

Throughout the city motorists woke Tuesday morning to flooded freeways and streets, making the morning commute dangerous and even impossible for most.

The 610 Loop as well as Katy, North and South freeways were underwater in spots throughout the area. Other major roads blocked by high water include Memorial Drive and Allen Parkway near downtown.

Dozens of vehicles were stranded in high water throughout the city. In many cases, the water came up to to the driver's side windows of the abandoned cars, Other vehicles are almost submerged.

More here.

Fortunately, I was barely inconvenienced by this, mostly because I live in the aptly named Heights neighborhood.  I mean, for a while there it had me concerned.  The entire yard, street, and yard across the street became a flowing river for a while.  But once it stopped raining so heavily that all started to recede.  My drive to work was uneventful.  I had to go through an underpass that was covered by some eight feet of water ten hours earlier; by the time I was there, though, it was just muddy.

But really, I was lucky.  This Chronicle article says two dead, but New York Times coverage says five.  This was a significant weather event.  You know, the kind I had hoped I wouldn't be seeing so much since I left New Orleans.