Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Southern Baptists Change Policy on Speaking in Tongues

From Charisma News:

After decade-long resistance, the Southern Baptist Convention will admit missionary candidates who speak in tongues, a practice associated with Pentecostal and charismatic churches.

The new policy, approved by the denomination's International Mission Board on Wednesday (May 13), reverses a policy that was put in place 10 years ago.

Speaking in tongues is an ancient Christian practice recorded in the New Testament in which people pray in a language they do not know, understand or control. The practice died out until Pentecostalism emerged around the turn of the 20th century. In Pentecostal churches it is considered one of many "gifts" of the Holy Spirit, including healing and the ability to prophesy.

Allowing Southern Baptist missionaries to speak in tongues, or have what some SBC leaders call a "private prayer language," speaks to the growing strength of Pentecostal churches in Africa, Asia and South America, where Southern Baptists are competing for converts and where energized new Christians are enthusiastically embracing the practice.

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I haven't thought of myself as a Southern Baptist for over two decades. That's why it came as a complete surprise that I would be so disturbed by this. I mean, none of my business, really, but c'mon, you're speaking in tongues now? Are you even Baptists anymore?

And the shift has more to do with missionary work, trying to attract people to be Baptists in geographic locations where speaking in tongues is common. Needless to say, such a motivation has absolutely nothing to do with theology or spirituality. Seems pretty damned cynical to me.

But like I said, not really my business.  Still, the old Baptist in my is outraged.