Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sea rise threatens Florida coast, but no statewide plan

From the AP via the Houston Chronicle:

St. Augustine is one of many chronically flooded communities along Florida's coast, and officials in these diverse places share a concern: They're afraid their buildings and economies will be further inundated by rising seas in just a couple of decades. The effects are a daily reality in much of Florida. Drinking water wells are fouled by seawater. Higher tides and storm surges make for more frequent road flooding from Jacksonville to Key West, and they're overburdening aging flood-control systems.

But the state has yet to offer a clear plan or coordination to address what local officials across Florida's coast see as a slow-moving emergency. Republican Gov. Rick Scott is skeptical of man-made climate change and has put aside the task of preparing for sea level rise, an Associated Press review of thousands of emails and documents pertaining to the state's preparations for rising seas found.

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Damn straight there's no plan. After all, this is the state whose legislature has an informal but apparently binding rule making the phrase "climate change" forbidden on the legislature floor. In fact, one state agency worker who didn't realize this crazed rule exists accidentally violated it during a speech he gave, and was then suspended and ordered to get a mental health evaluation if he wanted to return to work. So maybe there is a plan: do nothing and harass as much as possible anybody observing that the Emperor's new clothes are actually his birthday suit.

We're coming closer and closer to the day when global warming deniers are going to drown in the rising waters, even while they continue to deny global warming. Seriously. I think these people are going to their graves insisting that the equivalent of a flat earth exists. I'd laugh if it wasn't all so horrible. I mean, they're all going to look really funny saying everything is fine while everything goes to shit. These fools have doomed us all.