Sunday, June 07, 2015

Bill Maher pummels right-wing Republicans for their phony Christian persecution complex

From Raw Story:

Sharing an assortment of stills of conservative Republicans complaining that Christianity is under attack, Maher said that credit for all of the attacks on Christianity should go to himself.

“This idea that everybody on the left is plotting against Christianity and wants to wipe out religion is offensive. — to me,” he exclaimed. “I’m the only media figure with a show, week in and week out, that says that. I’ll be damned if the credit goes to the left when I’m doing all the heavy lifting.”

Click here for the video.

Maher really nails it here. I'm not his biggest fan, but when he's on, he's definitely on, and he's definitely on in this clip.

The "persecution of Christians" in this country is nothing but a line of false propaganda used by fundamentalist leaders and right-wing demagogues to outrage and galvanize conservatives against the non-existent anti-Christian liberal oppressor. It is a complete lie, and if you believe it, you're a fool.

No, really. I'm a big liberal, and some of my best friends are Christians.