Monday, June 08, 2015

Texas Police Officer On Administrative Leave After Pulling Weapon On Teens During Pool Party

From BuzzFeed:

However, video later emerged of one officer aggressively handcuffing and detaining teens who described themselves as bystanders, before wrestling a girl in a bathing suit to the ground and drawing his weapon on others who came to her aid.

More here, with video.

Black people put up with this shit EVERY FREAKING DAY. And a whole lot of white people, perhaps a majority, always think that black people have it coming. Fortunately, no one died in this instance, but it is certain that the usual white suspects will explain to any and everybody, until they're blue in the face, that these black kids had it coming.

"Oh, well, you know, that fourteen year old girl probably smoked marijuana" or "they weren't from that neighborhood, so they had no right to be there in the first place." As if black people can't go to pools in white neighborhoods, like that's a good thing. Or "they were wearing gangster clothes" or "when I was a teenager, I always let cops do whatever they wanted and always acted in a very respectful way."

Yeah. Whatever. When you're treated like this your entire life, when your parents were treated this way, and their parents before, and your children, and their children, it's not likely you're going to want to always be "respectful" to law enforcement, who seem to exist to do nothing but harass you. But like I said, whatever. Disrespect isn't a crime. Disrespect doesn't warrant being thrown to the ground or having a gun pointed at you.

This is the flip side of Ferguson, of Baltimore, of New York, and thousands and thousands of other stories about cops killing black people. There's not always a killing. But this sort of shit always precedes the killing.

I'm sick of it. And I'm sick of white people self-righteously defending it. We will never be a just nation until we put an end to it all.