Tuesday, June 09, 2015

These troubled times call for potty mouths.

A facebook friend scolded me a bit for yesterday's post wherein I used, as she said, my "potty mouth."  I responded that these times call for potty mouths.  Then I thought it was so funny that I posted as a standalone status the title of this post I'm making right now here on Real Art.  That inspired another friend to ask me why I use dirty words sometimes.

So I told him.

Words are entirely arbitrary in that they're ultimately just sounds to which culture, various cultures really, have assigned meaning, which makes a dirty word in one language gibberish in another. That is, they're just words, man, having as much or as little weight as the individual assigns them.

Having said that, though, I have to observe that so-called "dirty words" ONLY have the weight they do because of the way that some people try to police or condemn them. So for that, I thank you. Your problem with dirty words makes them all the more effective and meaningful in the mainstream. I really probably wouldn't ever use any dirty words if nobody had a problem with them. So really, thanks. I need you for this to work.

But a briefer answer to your question is that I use dirty words very specifically. I never put them on facebook without having thought about it first. And I use them to show that I'm very serious about what I'm saying, serious in a visceral and instinctive way.

I just couldn't imagine living my life without them. They are important tools in my overall lexicon.
'Nuff said.