Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Houston GOP activist Steven Hotze: 'Kids will be encouraged to practice sodomy in kindergarten'

From the Houston Chronicle:

Dr. Steven Hotze, president of Conservative Republicans of Texas and Houston talk radio host, articulated that thought yesterday in Dallas while speaking at a kick-off for a new anti-gay marriage organization, the Texas Observer reported. He was joining conservative allies in founding "Real Marriage: One Man/One Woman for Life," a group he said will campaign against the cultural influence of "homo-fascists" in Texas and beyond.

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You know, I read trash like this and I really wonder if anyone can possibly be this stupid.

I mean, c'mon: "They want to intimidate individuals, churches, schools and families to celebrate those that participate in anal sex." It's not about people who love each other getting married? This is all about celebrating anal sex?

Think about that for a moment.

This piece of walking talking human trash reduces the institution of marriage to nothing more than a sex act. I might as well say that so-called "traditional" marriage is about celebrating vaginal sex. You know, the fundamentalists want to intimidate individuals, churches, schools, and families to celebrate those that participate in vaginal sex.

Kids will be encouraged to practice vaginal sex in kindergarten.

Right. It's obvious bullshit when you turn it around--I mean, it's obvious in any case, but the depths of its offensiveness become a bit more clear when you apply the same calculation to straight marriages. While sex is, indeed, an important component of marriage, it continues to be JUST ONE COMPONENT among many, as if that even needs to be stated. But apparently it does.

It really is hard to tell if this guy's stupid or simply a big asshole, but there is one thing of which I'm certain: a guy who's such big asshole has absolutely no business ranting and raving about how horrible anal sex is. After all, when an asshole has sex, that's the only kind of sex it can be.