Thursday, July 02, 2015

Indiana Woman's Facebook Video Meltdown Rant Over Marriage Goes Viral

From the New Civil Rights Movement:

While apparently cleaning her home on Friday, Becky Wegner Rommel took a break to share with her Facebook friends a few thoughts about the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage. She recorded and posted this four-and-a-half minute video during which she seems to be having a meltdown over the decision.

"This is a really sad day for me," Rommel says. "Our government decided that everything that God created his church to be — as man as woman — Adam and Eve — five justices decided that God was wrong!"

And that's when it goes downhill.

More here, with exciting video!

Funniest thing I've seen in months. The only thing missing is spontaneous speaking-in-tongues when her passion is at its fullest, as with Robert Tilton back in the day. Nonetheless, this is right up there with Jimmy Swaggart's apology for doing it with white trash prostitutes. A milestone in the history of American unhinged fundamentalist freakouts. Brilliant stuff. Absolutely brilliant.