Wednesday, July 01, 2015


This was floating around on facebook a few weeks back:

I don't think this is what a "right to healthcare" means. It's more like a right to vote. The state hires people to run polling facilities, to count the votes, to manage the entire operation. No one is conscripted or enslaved. Instead, it's a service, paid for with tax dollars, provided to the public free of charge.

Pretty simple, really, not rocket science.

Rand went to college. It's more than a bit weird that he doesn't understand this. I mean, you can argue about whether this is a good way to spend tax dollars. But to assert that it's the same thing as slavery isn't simply absurd, but rather downright insulting, to pretty much everybody's intelligence, to make such an assertion and expect it to be taken seriously.

I mean, does anybody, libertarian or otherwise, really believe this shit? C'mon.