Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Harris DA investigating Planned Parenthood

From the Houston Chronicle:

Anderson said the first step in the investigation process is to obtain the complete, unedited video. Although she said an investigation is "warranted at this time," she also said it is currently "premature" to say what crimes, if any, the branch has committed.

"We won't know until our investigation is complete," Anderson said. "So for that reason I will not speculate on which laws have been violated or any possible resulting sentences. Our investigation could reveal state as well as federal law violations, or no violations at all."

More here.

I pay taxes in Harris County, and, even though I know my tax dollars are often spent on things I revile, this really takes the cake.

Harris County DA Devon Anderson is a smart woman. Or, at least, I'm giving her intelligence the benefit of the doubt because, you know, she went to law school. This means that she knows damned good and well that Planned Parenthood isn't "selling baby parts" or whatever the hell these Nixonian-thug dirty tricksters are trying to get people to believe. So, then, why the hell is she doing this? Actually, that's pretty easy to figure out. Clearly, she's also smart enough to understand that there are a lot of confused and angry conservatives who vote in her jurisdiction, so she's throwing them a little red meat just to make sure she gets to keep her job.

That is, this "investigation" isn't much more than political pandering. And straight-up harassment. You know, a clear cut abuse of authority with which she will no doubt get away without any consequences at all. Personally, I'd rather my tax dollars go to something constructive. Like schools, or fixing streets. Or Planned Parenthood. But Republicans these days are all about wasting money on their fake outrages. My money.